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Hangings: Hangings are typically those types of jewellery which hang below the earlobe and move.
These hangings are made of 92.5 Sterling silver, handmade & includes semi-precious and synthetic stones with some moti’s and strings/pearls.
Product Description: Silver Oxidised Laxmi Coin hanging with moti and pearls.
Customization: Not Available
Polish: Oxidised
Care Tips: 1. Handle with care
2. Keep in a plastic or wooden box only
3. Don’t use any kind of cosmetics on the product
4. Keep in a cool dry place.
5. Don’t use any kind of brush to clean the jewellery
Type of Jewellery: Silver Jewellery
Dispatch: Minimum 3 Working days.
Shipping Charges: Free
Length: 6.5cms
Width: 2cms
Weight: 30cms

Laxmi Coin Hanging


Weight30 g
Dimensions6.5 × 2 cm

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